Greeting by CEO

“Bringing Beauty, Excitement, and Joy to People around the World”

Since our founding in 1948, we have always maintained a steadfast emphasis on quality as we create innovative new products. Today, we have earned the trust of many customers worldwide, as a leading company in the field of commissioned color cosmetics.

In addition to growing as a company through our focus on high quality and innovation, we also work worldwide on the environmental, social, and corporate governance issues that we consider our social responsibility, in order to help solve the many problems faced by modern society, and to help bring about a sustainable society.

Our mission is to bring beauty, excitement, and joy to people around the world, and we aim to accomplish this through our business activities. To this end, every one of our employees maintains a high level of awareness, and we strive to bring further beauty innovations to life through the efforts of all of our employees, as we contribute to society.

Hitomi Hibino, President and CEO

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